Youth skits on dating

They also provide an excellent opportunity for students to be exposed to being in front of an audience without having the pressure of learning a lengthy presentation.Short skits can be a great addition to many substance abuse related activities conducted by your group or to supplement an event another organization is putting on.For example, play an audio clip of George Bush and then ask the audience...They are generally quick to learn, provide a sense of accomplishment, develop teamwork, provide drug information, and most students have fun doing them.If all kids ever do is “hang out,” won’t they do the same when they’re married?It’s great to veg out some nights of course, but if you and your spouse just sit on the couch all the time, you aren’t growing as a couple or making new memories!Your teens need to know how to treat a date with respect, engage in conversations, plan fun activities and have good manners, all skills that are needed when dating after marriage too!bright colors and fun designs are perfect to get your teen excited about The Dating 101 mini-school!

We’ve also included a Blank Dating Rules template for you to create your own, family specific rules. This includes asking out your date, planning an activity and getting yourself clean — looking and smelling good to present your best self.

We want to start those good habits now with your kids!

Help your teen brainstorm some fun date activities.

We’ve got tons of ideas on our site that can be adapted for teens. Now it’s time for a lesson on how to act and behave once you are actually on your date!

A fun way to do this is to watch a good and bad example, and identify what went well, and what went wrong!

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