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This is the time when Moses began his mission resulting in the Exodus of the Israelite Faithists from Egypt some 4 years later.

This places the date when the Israelite Faithists left Egypt at ca 1546 bce.

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But usually the crowdsourced data we have is pretty accurate.

40 yrs = the time from Saul to Jephthah's statement (1050-1090) e.

Israel went by the Way of the Wilderness (Ex ) after crossing the Sea of Reeds and entered the Wilderness of Shur (Ex ; Num 33:8) in the Northwest Sinai peninsula C.

The early date allows for the length of time assigned to the period of the judges (at least 250 years).

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The Dream Stela of Thutmose IV indicates he was not the legal heir to the throne (i.e., the legal heir would have died in the tenth plague).

Archaeological evidence from Jericho, Hazor, etc., supports a 15th-century date for the Exodus 9.

Mc Gregor was also a tremendous listener who never hesitated to lend Elrod a sympathetic ear.“He wasn’t like the little boys I was used to dealing with—he was the opposite of that, so sincere, so caring,” Elrod says.

“It wasn’t always about him, it was about me, about everyday stuff in my life.” Within weeks of their initial Facebook encounter, Elrod was telling Mc Gregor her most intimate secrets; he, in turn, was emailing her lists with titles like “100 Things We’ll Do Together Before We Die.” By the end of April 2011—only a month into their romance—they were discussing marriage.“My name is Duke, I am from Aberdeen do you know where?

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