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Or (2) This is a bug in the implementation / operation of wicd in xubuntu.For the user, it is irrelevant whether it is bug (1) or bug (2).The laptop is a 1005HA eee pc with a Atheros AR9285 Wi Fi card. There are tutorials on youtube showing you how to crack WEP in five minutes using Linux command line tools.I can connect just fine to the same network with netcfg (actually, netcfg is the only wifi tool besides wpa-supplicant that works). It can scan networks but doesn't connect to them. It can scan networks but doesn't connect to them. Whether you use wicd or not, consider switching to WPA2. FWIW: if there was an issue with wicd, the boards would quickly light up.This proves the "BAD PASSWORD" error message itself to be false.Analysis: --------- Either (1) This is a bug in wicd.

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– Open the wicd "Choose from the networks below" panel and click the "Connect" button.This access point is fully functional with "network‑manager" on a second identical instance of xubuntu 12.10 on a different partition on the same netbook.– Removed using synaptic (including configuration files): network‑manager, …‑gnome, …‑pptp, …‑pptp‑gnome.– After four or more such instructions to connect followed by a "BAD PASSWORD" error message, wicd finally makes a successful connection.This ultimately successful connection event occurs without having made any changes to the wicd settings for the access point after system power-up.

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