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The 52-year-old actress appears on the latest episode of Girlboss Radio hosted by Sophia Amoruso, where she talks about her longtime marriage with Broderick.The two have been married for 20 years and share three kids together -- son James, and twin daughters Marion Loretta and Tabitha.That incident leads Frances to have this conversation. PARKER: (As Frances) When you threw my laptop out the window... I wanted to smash the cat and scalp you with one of the shards. GROSS: Well, let's take a short break here, and then we'll talk some more. And if you're just joining us, my guest is Sarah Jessica Parker.Here's Sarah Jessica Parker as Frances and Thomas Haden Church as her husband Robert. If you're just joining us, my guest is Sarah Jessica Parker, and she stars in the HBO series "Divorce," which just started its third season last night. She stars in the HBO series "Divorce," which just started its third season. And HBO was the home of her famous series, "Sex And The City." So you didn't grow up thinking that marriage is forever because your parents' marriage was kind of dissolving, you know, before you were even making memories.I mean, she really felt that your life was far more enriched by [arts] than a Barbie doll, or a television set, or air conditioning, or clothes that everybody else in your grade wore, or sneakers that were popular, or Popsicles. But I will say that when I was in the audience at the ballet or the theater, and occasionally at the philharmonic, I was engrossed and engaged ... On how ballet training helped her as an actor [It] allowed me to be physical in my work — and that's not something everybody wants to do, or can do, or thinks of integrating.like, transported — unquestionably, nowhere else I'd rather be. But I think even for I think being a dancer was helpful in sorting out that role.In "Divorce," Parker plays Frances, a working woman, wife and mother of two living in a suburb of New York on the Hudson River. That's the only time of the year that the Chinook salmon run in those numbers. GROSS: Did you spend a lot of time with your father? PARKER: One of the things, actually, that I was going to say about it is when - you know, I was so young. And we were living in southeastern Ohio at the time.

PARKER: I just said to a friend the other day that I don't think I ever dreamed of being married, or I didn't have fantasies about being a parent or being married.On how her mom made sure she was exposed to the arts, even as her family struggled to make ends meet [My mother] wanted us to be exposed to the arts. She wanted us to feel that we were witnessing the unfamiliar. My mother is industrious and smart and was always aware of any opportunity that she could afford.And listen, there were all sorts of things we didn't have, but my mother felt those were not nearly as necessary as exposure to the arts. That didn't mean that I always found the symphony the most dazzling place to be, and I'm sure there were many times that I had fantasies of being at my friends' house because they were watching maybe and eating sugar — a Hostess product.Especially because Steve Martin had written that part — and he was such a physical performer — I thought: Oh, well, I can be physical, because he might write imagining a physical performance as well. But those women, or the women that we eventually played, they were not women that I knew. They were sort of a different species to me, which was thrilling and completely intriguing. I never went to clubs growing up, I always felt intimidated by the atmosphere, by the rope, by a guard, by someone asking my name, and how many were in my party. GROSS: I think you don't have to be divorced to have experienced some of the problems in a relationship that, when they really get out of control, will lead to divorce.All of it seemed forbidding and I never felt cool enough, so I didn't do any of that. GROSS: Sarah Jessica Parker, welcome back to FRESH AIR. But, you know, every relationship has its bumps (laughter).

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