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“I was really having a rough time in that moment and I think me sitting there was actually me just trying to center myself, centering myself through this bad energy I was dealing with.” On television, especially in the mid-2000s, it was easy to place Pollard in a box, locking her in with a single descriptor: testy, intense, bad-tempered, unpredictable.More than a decade has passed since the heyday of her reality TV career.

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The reaction image is used, in the words of internet encyclopedia Know Your Meme, “to illustrate feelings of impatience or latent rage.” Three years ago, this very website declared it “the only meme you need this summer.”“I love that one,” says Pollard herself, “because it’s like everybody has used it or seen it, but y’all don’t know what was on my mind.”For the woman in the meme, though, the image takes her back to a painful time.The internet has breathed new life into her career.So, in 2018, how do you make a career out of being a meme? “Say it with a Tiffany Pollard meme,” declared the New Yorker in January. Félix revealed she keeps a folder of various Pollard GIFs on her phone, with text messages between her and her friends quickly tumbling into a stream of Pollard’s expressions.“Certain memes burn brightly and then fall out of vogue, suddenly incompatible with the quick changes in Internet patter. Her hands clasped, rose sunglasses on, she’s alone.Her face is expressionless — yet, she somehow expresses everything you need her to.

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