Vb net an error occured while validating

To learn more about the new Az module and Azure RM compatibility, see Introducing the new Azure Power Shell Az module.

For Az module installation instructions, see Install Azure Power Shell.

VM Agent for VM in Hosted Service is reporting the overall agent status as Not Ready.

Hence, the VM may not be migrated, if it has a migratable extension.

If it continues to persist, contact Azure support as it needs investigation of platform logs.

Migration is allowed only when the VM is in one of the following states - Running, Stopped, Stopped Deallocated.

The VM might be undergoing through a state transition, which usually happens when during an update operation on the Hosted Service such as a reboot, extension installation etc.

Since templates are idempotent, usually you can safely retry the migration operation to get past this error.

If this error continues to persist, please contact Azure support and give them the Correlation Id.

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