Validating pre post test

Even a delay of a few weeks can cost tens of millions of dollars.Post-silicon validation is therefore one of the most highly leveraged steps in successful design implementation.

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Consequently, it is imperative that the new chip function in full and perfect compliance to its specification, and be delivered to the market within tight consumer windows.During the pre-silicon process, engineers test devices in a virtual environment with sophisticated simulation, emulation, and formal verification tools.In contrast, post-silicon validation tests occur on actual devices running at-speed in commercial, real-world system boards using logic analyzer and assertion-based tools.Post-silicon validation encompasses all that validation effort that is poured onto a system after the first few silicon prototypes become available, but before product release.While in the past most of this effort was dedicated to validating electrical aspects of the design, or diagnosing systematic manufacturing defects, today a growing portion of the effort focuses on functional system validation.

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