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Conversely, American Airlines' new marketing campaign focuses on the ease of traveling with their airplanes.Commercials promote the company's in-flight wi-fi, allowing you to travel “without putting your life on pause.” By marketing themselves as the best available service provider, airlines build up their brands in the minds of consumers.The candidate will be responsible for performing responsibilities that are critical to the delivery of EZ-Link’s products.You will be involved in: EZ-Link is a financial services provider for more than 5 million active users, with the widest reach in Singapore’s market.Maybe that could convince you to switch to a separate air carrier and give the competition a chance.However, if you've built up thousands of frequent flyer mile points at your preferred airline, that might dissuade you from switching.Perhaps you've built up enough points to gain special status at that airline, giving you access to free flights, seat upgrades, and VIP waiting areas.Airlines frequently participate in loyalty marketing – a marketing technique that seeks to enhance a consumer's sense of status and social belonging.

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These include: We are seeking a Business Analyst to join our IT Development team.

Airlines like Jet Blue and Southwest understand your outrage.

The previous scenario, explored in an advertisement by Jet Blue, identifies with many travelers' frustrations with how airlines seem to tack on more and more expensive fees to the flying experience.

Henderson, humans are drawn to status-based systems, and are charmed and intrigued by opportunities that elevate their status in those systems.

The article, published in , notes that airline loyalty programs enhance the sense of well-being and self-esteem in customers.

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