Updating roster madden 10 ps2

This isn’t really the fault of the Game Flow system, rather it is a problem with the Accelerated Clock, as the Accelerated Clock disables itself within 2 minutes of the end of a half.

This is an absolutely stupid decision by the developers, as it makes two-minute drills way too easy.

Your players then line up, the play art is shown on the field, and the "coach" explains how the play is supposed to be run.

It takes a lot of the strategy out of the game, and adds a lot of randomness, making every play feel a little bit more like a gamble and less like a well-thought-out choice.

If the game would show you the play it selected before you’ve chosen to use it, or just given you the option to select from your short list of Gameplanned plays for the given situation, the system would probably feel a lot more useful.

Gameplanning may work fine for casual players or people who don’t know football, as such players won’t have to worry about sifting through hundreds of plays that they don’t understand, and the action never stops.

This year’s release promises to completely redefine the way people play football games by bringing the playbooks of hundreds of plays down to one pre-selected play based on a Gameplan. So when I first heard that the game would now be picking my plays for me, I was skeptical and afraid.

The system also had the potential to make full-length, 15-minute-quarter games more playable and practical, since the combination of the Accelerated Clock and Game Flow means that all the time spent between plays is now simulated.

Alternatively, if you are sitting on a comfortable 35-7 lead in the fourth, and want to sit back and play a bit more conservatively on defense, there is no situation for that either.

Further compounding this issue is the fact that Gameplans CANNOT BE EDITED IN-GAME! So if your Gameplan is failing miserably, you can’t even change it to adjust to the circumstances of the current game.

A default-length game of 7-minute quarters takes half an hour.

And a full-length 15-minute-quarter game can be completed in less than an hour.

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