Updating files on ipod

You can easily navigate to the music files on your home server and add them to your Library.

It also comes with a couple skins by default and you can download others from their site and from the community.

There are several other options you can use to configure how your i Pod works with Media Monkey too.

Although some like Auto-Conversion are only available in the Gold version.

Click OK to the message and we can start getting things setup.

The first time we plugged in our i Pod Touch running i OS 4.0.2 it was automatically recognized, out of the box with no additional plugins required which is very cool.Or you can highlight the audio you want on your i Pod, right-click and Send to i Pod.There are a lot of neat customizations you can do with your i Pod. This opens up the Device Profile window where you have several different options to choose from including Auto-Sync which makes managing the music library easy.After your content is imported you will see it all in the Media Monkey Library.All of our i Tunes audio content was imported sans Videos and the i OS Apps.

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