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She Makes the Rules is intended to be about real life daily living when we accept who we are and how powerful we women can be.

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A week after that, she came to Houston to meet my kids, and they loved her from the start. And, we have been married for 19 years, and it has been a great 19 years. But looking back, none of the others would have worked out. Was supposed to get married in September, but after 8 years our differing views on religion became an issue she couldn’t get past.

We know quite a few couples who met online and have been together for a few years so it's defiantly possible to grow a genuine relationship that way.

A couple of the geezers I hang out with found themselves single the past couple of years and the biggest fear they had was having to put themselves out there and start all over again...

Women do tend to make the best managers of their home and family, as our brains are simply wired differently from men.

We appreciate the men who accept and appreciate us for who we are and support us in this process.

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