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But when kids want to play with other kids, it's not because they don't love their parents or don't enjoy spending time with adults just the same.Quality time with adults is loads of fun, too – every bit as thrilling as time spent with peers. But they also need the company of other adults their own age.You should also explain a little bit about what dating might entail: that you'll be going out with different people to see how well you like each other, that there may be some nights when you leave them with a sitter or relative, and that if you find someone you like, you might begin seeing them more often - maybe even get married if you meet someone you Do your best to schedule new dates on nights when the kids are with the other parent.This way you're not taking anything away from their time with you.

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Not only will this provide a chance for your potential partner to become more familiar with the kids (and vice versa), but it also diminishes the likelihood that your children will see this new person as a competitor for your love and affection.

It's just that there's also something special about interacting with people your own age, who relate on the same level you do, that you just can't get anyway else. As much as you love your parents, you probably wouldn't like it if all of a sudden all the other kids vanished and were never around.

Or imagine what would happen if suddenly there were no adults around and only kids. Kids need of relationships in order to feel whole and complete. This is the way moms and dads can feel after divorce when they no longer have a partner around.

In order to keep them (and you) happy, we offer the following advice, which should help keep things running smoothly.

Divorcees should feel free to begin dating again as soon as they feel psychologically ready.

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