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I would definitly not recommend doxepin for insomnia becuase it has so many negative side effects. I have gain 50lbs from taking this med, I have now anger issues, my doctor told me this is a side effect and should get better, why would they put someone that had weight loss surgery on this med.

Knowing it causes weight gain, and anger issues, I fought so hard to before and after weight loss surgery, I'm very upset over this, it makes it seem that weight loss surgery was for nothing, my boyfriend doesn't understand why I'm so angry now he does, I would tell people to stay away from this drug it is bad, talking with doctor this month and telling them I'm not going to take this medicine anymore there is meds that have no weight gain, all I want to do is get some sleep and not gain weight Was one 75 mg per day for 15 years.

This combo is CERTAINLY NOT FOR EVERYONE, but if you have tried EVERYTHING and are fed up, I have found that this combo works for me.

I do not drink or smoke or take ANY elicit drugs, to be clear.

I gained 15 pounds, I'm angry all the time, I can barely get through the day as I'm so tired, it's so hard to wake up, and I don't feel like myself. I'm being treated for PTSD and Anxiety and this drug has made me feel worse. Things that just a few shot months ago I could do without stress are back to being undoable. I have insomnia since the 1980’s , was taking Ambien and my idiot shrink , decided to cold turkey me and did not wean me off like an educated shrink should , I had to beg for something for sleep , she sent me doxipin , this stuff would make an owl sleep , Don’t take this crap for insomnia, best sleeping pill is halcion or ambien , so I’m am wide eyed not for a 2 weeks , if anyone knows of anything that works , please let me know , I’m 67 and I need to sleep . I am a chronic worrier so I have major depression, GAD, and insomnia. Other drugs I tried worked for a few days then back to insomnia I would go.

Do not stop this abruptly either, I couldn't get a refill for 2 weeks and couldn't leave my bedroom and almost killed myself. Well my doctor told me about this medication at 300mg at bedtime. It took 30 years but I finally have this med and couldn't be happier with its result. My sixties my doctor, as well as someone else on here, tried thirteen medications. It started out with small doses, but now take 150 mg at night and 75 mg once in the morning and once in the afternoon. It's awful, but I'm stuck because as my anxiety attacks are worse. My doctor tried thirteen different medications, and finally, this one worked.

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A little willpower at the grocery store keeps me at the same weight, but it is hard.i was prescribed Doxepin for my sleep disorder i only take 30mg every night, it works really well, i actually still wake up but not as often when i wasn't on anything, but i am happy with the results, i can handle 2 wake-up per night compared to 5-6 wake ups before taking Doxepin, plus i don't have the nightmares related to my sleep disorder which is a plus. I have no idea what the other reviewers are talking about. For me, Silenor made it extremely difficult to fall asleep.

The best way to describe the itchy feeling I experienced was that it felt deep down under my skin like nerve related.

None of the specialists could link my unknown itching to anything in particular.

I would lay in bed for hours, hoping to fall asleep. I haven't slept well since I was a young teenager. I began to take doxepin as an alternative to some of the stronger sleep medications (i.e ambien). At first I started out on 50 mg and gained 15 pounds. it still is working and hopefully I will start to lose the weight I gained.

My brain would 'high-centered' somewhere between awake and adequate deep sleep. A high dose of doxepin 75-150mg worked for sleep, but I gained a ton of weight very quickly... As an aid for sleep, it works well, but beware of side effects... Currently, I take ambient, flexeril, magnesium and melatonin.

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