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Payment arrangements are done on a case-by-case basis.Customers may complete and sign a payment arrangement agreement in person or via fax.• Communicate with Forklift operators to determine inventory problems.• Organize pattern for rerouting inventory to appropriate slots.Customers may elect to have an automatic electronic bank draft occur for monthly water bill payments.

However, the Texas Utilities Code, Chapter 182 (Rights of Utilities Customers), provides that a government-operated utility may not disclose personal information, or any information relating to the volume or units of utility usage or the amounts billed to or collected from a customer for utility usage, if the customer requests that the government-operated entity keep the information confidential.After the 20th day, a 10% penalty will be assessed on the balance.If payment still has not been received within approximately 10 days after the penalty date, your service will be disconnected.If you would like to request that certain information be kept confidential, under Texas Utilities Code, Chapter 182, please complete our online form​.The "Request for Confidentiality of Information Maintained by the City of Coppell Utility Department" form was sent to inform all Coppell utility customers concerning the release of information pursuant to the Public Information Act and provide our customers with a method for keeping their information confidential. While the Texas Public Information Act specifically allows Governmental Utilities to release addresses, telephone numbers, and account information, the state and federal laws specifically prohibit the release of anyone's social security numbers.

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