Sex chat jam

If I'm correct, didn't the Sex Pistols rip off the Jam song 'In The City' with 'Holidays In The Sun'?!?! Tracks like Rock The Casbah and London Calling don't even compare with the likes of Town Called Malice, Going Underground and Strange Town.

Weller is a genius, he's still writing quality tunes today. I really like Paul Weller & The Jam (the last Weller CD is wonderful!

They were in the vanguard of the punk movement, with all its associated nostalgia.This also meant they could achieve cross-over appeal outside the punk/New Wave movement while the Clash core support accused them of 'selling out' when they diversified from their early style.The Clash have done little since they split to dilute their memory, while Paul Weller continues to make music of varying genres and success.No band will ever have the loyalty the Jam had because no band will ever be more in touch with its Fans and the Nation. A fine body of work with each album differing from the last.The ability of Paul Weller to create songs that illustrated English suburban life sustained their popularity, and continued the tradition of Pete Townsend, Marriot & Lane, Ray Davies and, of course, Lennon & Mc Cartney.

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