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Appeal to your partner’s interests and form a new activity or date around it that the both of you will enjoy.

Asking for more or less sex can bring up vulnerabilities.

Carli Blau, a Manhattan sexologist, says: “Sexual preferences should be easy to talk about because they ultimately lead to your pleasure, but they’re often difficult to discuss because we fear judgement.” Some people don’t want to be perceived as too sexual because they want more sex.

Others might worry that asking for less sex could imply that their partner isn’t doing something right.

It is important to focus on both your needs and the needs of your partner.

It’s a good idea to be open about what your needs are and to always keep the communication open.

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Yet having the vocabulary for sex doesn’t always translate so seamlessly into comfortable conversations.

Sean Horan, a Texas State University professor, focuses on communication between intimate partners.

He suggests basing conversations about sexual health on affection.

Timaree Schmit, doctor of human sexuality, also suggests emphasizing the positive.

If you want to ask for less sex, you might try emphasizing their attributes to suggest new ideas.

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