Secret of online dating

“The big trend is local activities and travel destinations,” a spokesperson for Match tells Marketwatch, adding that “singles are currently motivated to immediately connect over past, current and aspirational experiences they share with their potential match.” Travel is hot on other dating apps as well, with Hinge telling Marketwatch that travel photos get 30 percent more likes than photos without location tags and posts about spontaneity (including things like “the next vacation I want to go on is X”) get 139 percent more responses than average.

And Tinder says that nearly one in five of its users use the app to find someone to explore with when traveling.

One prevailing answer: Talk about travel or local adventures (at least, if you’re interested in those things).

Data that dating app Match ran for Marketwatch found that those who mentioned a local adventure or a travel hotspot were more likely to get a response.

There’s the other way: you can create a second Gmail and Skype accounts and get a new phone number.

So if someone doesn’t want to leave you alone, you could easily get rid of this person’s attention.

There’s no surprise, as all technological achievements are aimed at making our life easier, and online dating services are no exception.

It’s better to give out this information only to those, whom you know well enough.The more info you mention in your profile, the more chances you have to find yourself a companion.If you’re older than 20, you probably have a couple of stories to tell about your previous relationships, breakups, emotional breakdowns, and so on.More than half of the top 20 words mentioned in profiles that increased response rates were related to travel, with people who mentioned Tuscany 934 percent more likely than average to get a response, Machu Picchu 873 percent more likely and Bermuda 587 percent more likely.Other top travel destinations in the top 20 included Nantucket (581 percent), Bora Bora (397 percent), Rome (215 percent) and Ibiza (176 percent).

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