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Me being the only member of staff with a small amount of knowledge on vb has sudden made me an authority on the subject !

:rotlaugh: With all the amendments now in place it has made the documents coding bloated, so I need to slim it down.

Microsoft Translator is a free, personal translation app for 60 languages, to translate text, voice, conversations, camera photos and screenshots.

You can even download languages for offline translation for free to use when you travel!

This tends to be when the template being copied opens/closes. In some respects, the flickering can be nice-- it lets you know something is going on.

Is there anything that I can add to my code that might eliminate the updating? Would it help it the above was placed in the template that is being opened ? Screen Updating controls the updating of the current document's window, but not the updating that occurs when documents are opened/closed. If your screen "locks up" because of an effective use of the Application.

unless the whole thing is simply going to be used by the programmer and no one else...

This works great, however no matter where I place the above code I always get screen updates (flashes) while the macro runs. I think that's a fine reason to use that code and not worry about the screen-flickering too much. Sorry to be a pain macropod but would you mind showing how the 'Insert File' method works and a code for it based on the above? - Neil I think Paul was asking whether there are scenarios where you need to open/copy/close/paste from multiple documents, not whether you might have multiple option buttons selected at once (in which case, I would suggest a use of the collection object, but it doesn't appear to be a need for you) The performance hits are the (primarily) the following: 1. Insert File might be helpful, although I don't think it will be appreciably different from opening with . Copy Making the Visible parameter false in the Documents. One of those commands tells Word to give some visual feedback to the end-user (i.e., highlight stuff in black) and one just does it (that's the concept of *the* Selection vs. You'll want to keep looking for any use of a selection object in your code, and then post sample for how to translate (I'm guessing it's rampant, since at least some of this started as a recorded macro-- which is a great way to start, very easy to remember what you did and see the recorded equivalent). Open("E:\MYDOCUMENT" & Str Var & ".dot", _ Add To Recent Files:=False, Visible:=False) Doc. Option 1 - Statement 1 Option 2 - Statement 2 Option 3 - Statement 3" When using Option Buttons in a Frame you can only select one Option Button at a time I have found.I have little experience of VBA and what I have put together comes from information obtained online. As for using the Insert File method: Dim Str Var As String If Opt1 = True Then Str Var = "" If Opt2 = True Then Str Var = "2" If Opt3 = True Then Str Var = "3" If Opt4 = True Then Str Var = "4" With Active Document. Insert File File Name:="E:\MYDOCUMENT" & Str Var & ".dot", _ Range:=. Range, Link:=False End With I disagree that we disagree, Paul. Let me clarify my point: it was not that screen-flickering was good practice, but that the next step into making it work "correctly" might not necessarily be worth the time-investment/learning-curve...Dim str VARIABLE1 As String If Opt1 = True Then str VARIABLE1 = Word. especially if the OP gets to the point where so many documents are being opened/closed in the background that the screen is actually frozen for a noticeably long time.

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