Sccm 2016 software inventory not updating

Alternatively, now would be a good time to restart entirely.

Finally, now all the groundwork is laid, lets setup SCCM.

Unless you have specific requirements, leave default and click I personally like to run my Production site’s a few weeks behind ‘Patch Tuesday’.

This gives me time to fully test all updates on Development machines to ensure they work as expected and don’t cause any unexpected upset. “Warning: Request filter does not contain any known classifications. By default SCCM doesn’t have knowledge of Windows 10, Server 2016 etc in its product list and we’ve first got to successfully get SCCM and WSUS communicating so it can access the full list of available products.

Double check the SCCMAdmins and Network Service have inherited down. However, setting these will mostly avoid common errors you may receive on clients.

If you’ve installed WSUS on your Primary Site Server, then you can skip this part and join back up when I say hokey pokey.Right now, applications generally take about 1-2 hours to populate properly.However, by going to the "Configuration Manager" under the Windows Control Panel, there is an "Actions" tab.I’ll be storing it on a separate drive in a WSUS folder. Opinions will differ here with how people will advise you set this up.We’re going to go half way through the WSUS Setup Wizard and exit.

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