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His character's remaining songs were sung by Drew Ryan Scott.He plays Ty Parker, a singer/songwriter who's looking for a change in his music and then finds a girl recording in a studio and when she leaves him he goes on a journey to find her. included Possibly Sarcastic Skip, Dwayne Platowski, and Jimmy Sparrow and his impressions included Ralph Fiennes (as Lord Voldemort), Lucas Cruikshank (as Fred), Taylor Lautner (as Jacob Black), and Justin Bieber. In 2012, Knight starred as Shane Seedwell in the action thriller film Transit co-starring Jim Caviezel and Elisabeth Rohm.English DJ Ronson sported a jacket, jeans and beanie while she flashed a mutual smile to Grey, who was seen wearing even simpler attire in pink sweatpants, a gray sweatshirt and overcoat.

SAMANTHA Renke is a disability campaigner and actress, who famously starred in an advert for Maltesers. And what's her condition, Osteogenesis Imperfecta? Renke, a former teacher, moved to London several years ago to pursue a career in acting and made her debut in an independent film called Little Devil.

However, trooper Sam doesn't let it stop her from living her life to the fullest.

In 2015, she told The Telegraph newspaper that she enjoys dating, but is fiercely independent.

Samantha, 32, is a Lancashire born actress and public speaker who currently lives in east London.

Samantha won best actress at the LA Diversity Film Festival.

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