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The bachelorette apparently was in agreement, and never went on the date with him.

They won tickets to Magic Mountain and free tennis lessons. He was acting really creepy,” said Bradshaw to the Sunday Telegraph, on turning down the date.

He spent the majority of his 2010 murder trial, where he was also being tried for the murders of Jill Barcomb, Charlotte Lamb, Jill Parenteau, and Georgia Wixted, attempting to relitigate his Samsoe conviction.A Texas-born arts student who fashioned himself into a photographer, Alcala had kidnapped and raped an eight-year-old about ten years before his television appearance, fleeing immediate punishment by running off to the East Coast.He was located by camp teens who found wanted photos of their counselor plastered in their local post office, according to “48 Hours.” He was subsequently convicted of a lesser charge of child molestation in 1972.Alcala, who became known as The Dating Game Killer, served less than three years in prison for that crime, reported Rolling Stone.While Alcala's record wasn’t great, he managed to become Bachelor Number One on a revival of “The Dating Game” in September 1978, after he had killed at least four women.

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