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The seminars gathered diplomats, data scientists, policy experts, and other professional communities involved in data diplomacy.

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The policy research was accompanied by two data diplomacy seminars, one in Geneva and one in Helsinki, and the launch of the data diplomacy report in Geneva.This is followed by a review of methods that can be used to derive race and ethnicity data through indirect estimation when obtaining data directly from many patients or enrollees is not possible.Data science and big data have become commonly-heard concepts, yet very little is known about how and to what extent diplomacy could adjust to the emerging data-driven era.This subsite contains information products and materials presenting the results of the 2017 Snow, Water, Ice and Permafrost in the Arctic (SWIPA) assessment coordinated by AMAP updating the initial SWIPA 2011 assessment.Visit Website The EU Action on Black Carbon in the Arctic is being implemented between 20.

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