Problem updating windows 8

There are no fewer than 3 methods you can employ to get your drivers back on track: That is by all accounts the easiest and the most convenient one.

These days you can delegate burdensome tasks and use software to get the job done.

Download the troubleshooter for your version of Windows and run it on your computer.

The program’s wizard will walk you through the troubleshooting process.

When your system comes on, check if the manoeuvre above has resolved your update issue.

Although updates are designed to enhance your user experience, sometimes they do not fit, and that causes your OS to malfunction.

It would show searching for updates and then hang on that screen. I was able to follow steps that I read on this forum to get it working but my computer has only a couple of days left on the warranty and so I would like to figure out if there is a hardware problem.

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The chances are Windows Firewall is behind the persisting error 8024402f on your computer.

In a situation like this, turn off your anti-virus tool and check if that has fixed the problem.

If it has, report the issue to the support team of the tool’s vendor. The good news, there is a wide range of PC protection tools available on the market these days.

So, here are our methods: Probably the easiest way to iron out the issue in question would be to properly configure your time zone settings.

To do that, use the instructions below: Restart your PC.

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