Play the termite dating game

Is a termite an individual or a unit of a superorganism?

Can we harness the termite’s properties to change the world?

I was at the end of my rope, both as an oil-consuming citizen and as a human being. Anything was better than sitting at my desk and thinking about oil.

Oil's troubles are systemic, dating back at least a hundred years — and they're made much nastier by modern politics. Microbial geneticists are young and goofy: they sincerely believe in the scientific method and they blink in the sun.

There were three passengers in my car, and I was following a white van with government plates carrying nine more. Earlier that year I'd done a story for The Atlantic about Phil and thirty-eight other scientists who sequenced a million genes from the microbes found in the guts of Nasutitermes corniger — termites they'd found in trees in Costa Rica.

Between these two vehicles we had eleven microbial geneticists from six countries with nearly three hundred years of collective education. Because termites are famously good at eating wood, the genes in their guts were attractive to government labs trying to turn wood and grass into fuel: "grassoline." The white van and the geneticists all belonged to JGI.

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If we build termite-like swarming robots, will they inevitably destroy us? Underbug burrows into these questions and many others—unearthing disquieting answers about the world’s most underrated insect and what it means to be human.

Lisa Margonelli is the author of the national bestseller Oil on the Brain: Petroleum’s Long, Strange Trip to Your Tank and writes the Small Science column for Zócalo Public Square, where she is a senior editor.

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