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But Albert made a mistake by taking a loan out from the wrong people, and now they’re coming to collect.

With the help of his friend and fellow hustler Charlie (Rupert Grint), the two pull together enough money to put a big bet down on Billy’s upcoming fight.

More importantly, it’s justified in the premise without being overly preachy.

Lily (Juliet Aubrey), Albert’s mom, is still married to her father.

Casting Call - Dating Brad Garrett Photo: Brad Garrett (Newscom) The overlooked big brother on Everybody Loves Raymond - you know who I mean...

Brad Garrett..tall 6-foot-8-inch one who played Robert Romano and second fiddle to little brother Ray!

Still, after two hours, “Snatch” lacks the noteworthy moments and characters that made the movie worth remembering.

She has no illusions about her family, and while she’s not exactly pushing Albert into a life of crime, she’s not ashamed of her husband either.

She’s been beaten down by life, and her attitude reflects her surroundings.

The first hour uses its time wisely by explaining why Albert Hill ( Meet Albert, the son of a thief (Dougray Scott) who’s been locked up since he was a young boy.

Albert is trying to do things the right way: supporting his family’s flower business and managing a fighter, Billy “Fuckin'” Ayers (on the side.

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