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A strong marriage makes for a strong family that produces children with healthy emotional attachment.Ladies, a lot of divorced men who are in the dating pool are the product of marriages where the woman shifted the primary relationship in the home to her children after they were born.A couple that is unwilling to get a sitter for a few hours, so that they can be couple is a couple headed toward adultery and/or divorce court.It is an uncontested fact that children thrive better in marriage-focused marriages than in child-focused marriages.

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You’re definitely projecting…which kinda proves MIKW’s point… Matter of fact, the only time it wouldn’t be a red flag is if it was said by some misguided man who thought women would be super duper impressed he wrote it so he could show everyone just how much he loves his kids—which is, again something we hope would be the case, lol.

Christan Marashio, founder of And Thats Why Youre, adds that “it's normal for people to have some trouble crafting a profile and to use self-deprecating humor to lighten the mood.

Too much humor is usually a sign that the person is insecure and uncomfortable with being vulnerable, which could lead to problems with emotional intimacy down the road.

Like I said before, kids grow up and live their own lives.

Your mate is the one who will grow old with you (hopefully) and spend the rest of his life with you.

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