Nsview not updating

Retina support can add a new dimension to this headache when you’re dealing with pixel coordinates.

Say you have a flipped NSView with an origin of 0,0 and dimensions of 1440 x 900 (e.g it covers the entire Retina screen in points.) Y coordinates on the screen can range in value from 0.0 to 899.5.

nsview not updating-77

To deal with the first problem, I used an NSEvent category that clamps events so the arrow keys can home in on the destination pixel.

Yes, kids, that’s what we call a painful fricken’ hack.

The next big headache was caused because you can’t set a window’s frame using non-integral points. The best example is with the Ruler tool: the origin of the ruler can be positioned to both even and odd pixels on screen.

Here the change file name action will occur, the part of the window will "unfreeze" and the highlighted filename will appear and be changeable. I should point out that this is currently occurring on a brand new macbook pro with 10.9.4 installed about 2 days ago.

I used the migration assistant to copy data from my old macbook to this one.

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