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As far as the relationship, to be honest, you have to force the time and then once you’re there it’s not forced.

We force it by saying OK, next Friday we have to get a sitter, we have to make time, we’re going to go away or go out to dinner.

Minnillo is 12 weeks pregnant, he said, but was a little cagey regarding her exact due date sharing only that she is due “late summer, early fall.” She is already having cravings, though: “She loves Mexican food,” he revealed.

On the 100An avid cook and baker, Vanessa created her own recipe to contribute, a decadent Chocolate Chunk Cookie with sea salt. With this one it was the only name that we thought of.

They should re title it because it is deceptive to the audience.

When Regis and Kathie Lee were on, the show was much more respectful of its audience by airing live shows.

When you see bits and pieces of those good qualities it makes you feel good.

How do you balance work, family time and one-on-one time as a couple?

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