My husband was dating a stripper

Some people say, ' Boys will be boys and going to a strip club comes with the territory.' But I have expressed to him before that I don't approve of this type of behavior. And it doesn’t seem necessary for a married man to hang out with half-dressed women anyway. " Strip clubs tend to be a gray area for many couples.

Some husbands and wives go to clubs together and view it as a way to spice up their sex life.

Some women don’t mind if their husbands accompany their guy friends to strip clubs. Each couple needs to make a decision together about what is appropriate for them.

On the car ride home I asked if she was alright with it.

HOWEVER, she tells me she doesn't want to quit stripping, she actually likes it.

She doesn't want to struggle along, and thinks we could build our saving back up with her working at the club.

She went in for an audition, she wasn't sure what to wear, so she took a bikini.

The manager was there and a few workers, he told her to go in the back and change into her bikini, and when they start the music to come out and dance.

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