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Trisha rooms with Kelly Anne, and Shauvon rooms with Parisa, and thus friendships form.

After Parisa greets Kelly Anne and Trisha, she goes off to explore the house, and Kelly Anne and Trisha, who have already done this, see this as standoffish.

He attended Dalton State College and North Georgia Technical College, He has done very little traveling away from home, and characterizes his home town and family as being "slower", because they take the time to sit down to eat together and enjoy the moment.

Consequently, he feels out of place whenever he visits a city.

In addition to being an artist and musician, he is also an entertainer, taking place in freestyle dancing battles, doing stand up comedy, and MCing events.

In Episode 16, he reveals that he used to take a lot of LSD, from which he still suffers from occasional hallucinations of birds, and that when he sees a black bird, he interprets it as a premonition that someone close to him has died.

When she moves in, it is apparent to her, Trisha and Parisa that she and Trisha are very much alike and have similar interests.

She has her own dating and relationships column called "Sexcapades".

at the southern end of Darling Harbour, a large recreational and pedestrian district on the western edge of the Sydney central business district.

One Sport Darling Harbour was a sports-themed venue for hosting a variety of different events, and could accommodate up to 1,100 people.

The men agree that Kelly Anne is the most attractive of the women, though Dunbar thinks Parisa is the deepest and least shallow.

The housemates go to a nightclub, where Isaac and Shauvon flirt, and Kelly Anne gets drunk.

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