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Some practitioners had teaching appointments in graduate schools where their opinions about MPD were not always greeted with acceptance.

After all, the accepted dictums stated that people only were allowed one personality per body.

I wrote to the editors of the Index Medicus to ask them to add Multiple Personality Disorder to the subject headings, and they did that.

At that time, a small group of us therapists were struggling with these patients, and we created our own networking methods.

A committee of experts was appointed to decide what disorders should be listed in DSM IV.

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This conflict of views between those therapists dealing daily with dissociated patients (some exhibiting dozens of alter-personalities, or "alters") and academic teachers who spent more of their days teaching and doing research than actually treating severely ill patients, came to a boil with the need to revise DSM III.

Remember, these were written in the USA by American psychiatrists.

However the same terms were accepted by the editors of the International Code of Diseases (ICD) through its present 9th edition. MPD was then a minor label under "Hysterical Dissociative Disorder." It did not even have its own code number.

In the newest printing of ICD-9, they did add "Dissociative Identity Disorder" below MPD as a synonym.

So, in the world outside the USA, MPD still exists.

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