Mother fights for custody in online dating nightmare

Bethany Vierra and her daughter, Zaina, in a picture provided by Ms. The two are stuck in Saudi Arabia because of a combination of residency and guardianship laws that give men power.Credit Sandra Black ELn P — Melø DHDFn PC9 Thanks @ELLEmagazine @Rose Minutaglio for bringing awareness to Bethany and Zaina.Vierra, who came to Saudi Arabia in 2011 to live with her husband and daughter initiating her own business in the Kingdom, has entered a court battle with her ex-husband a few months ago after she asked for a divorce from her abusive spouse and wanted to secure her daughter’s custody.However, the Saudi court and laws were not in her favor.

In such cases, words spoken out of anger and frustration quickly become the rope that hangs the speaker.

Compiled by Cordell & Cordell Divorce Attorneys For Men The divorce process is usually very difficult and trying for anyone experiencing it.

It is especially difficult if your divorce involves a child custody battle.

Below are some of the factors judges consider when making a child custody determination along with the 10 most common mistakes made by men during custody battles.

To determine how not to behave during your custody battle, it is helpful to review the criteria used by the judge (“court”) to determine appropriate placement of the children.

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