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Sims starred in TV’s Las Vegas and the movie Yes Man. That was back in December 2009 – so she probably moved right on from Aaron to Scott, who is now her fiancé. According to the latest scoop, Aaron Eckhart, 41, is dating model-turned-actress-turned-jewelry designer Molly Sims, 36.The lovebirds were spotted in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, sharing an intimate dinner.Fresh out of university, and now Writer at Reality Titbit.(It’s called “I Made That Sh-t Happen,” which is arguably the best chapter title in a book ever.) “Just because you’re in the public eye, [people] think ‘Oh, you’ve never been dumped.’ I was freakin’ dumped two times before I met my husband and dumped badly. They have someone to talk to.” For a free 30-day trial, check out Like one guy dumped me so hard that my mother had to come and stay with me for a month, and I had a sea grass carpeting in my bedroom, and I laid on it for so long that it was imprinted [on my skin],” Sims said. From 21 years old, I’ve never known what I’m going to do tomorrow … He was born to a Jewish family and of American nationality.He completed his graduation in Film and Television from the University of Arizona.

You’ll be shocked to know that Sims recently stopped by on Wake Up With Taylor to tell us about her devastating experiences being dumped.She’s managed to turn a professional boxer into a hopeless romantic in just a matter of weeks and viewers are loving it!Social media influencer, Molly Mae, could be the style icon of series 5 whipping out look after look on the show. Episode after episode of Love Island 2019 and Molly Mae’s teeth look to be getting whiter.Her outfits and styling are a huge hit with the public, but there’s one thing about Molly Mae that’s got viewers asking questions. Her gnashers have been the talk of Twitter for more reasons than that, too, as some have suggested she’s got veneers.We’d say that Molly has had her teeth whitened – and possibly topped up with whitener while she’s been in the Love Island villa.

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