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Trying to force myself past all of that was exhausting.

Going by my inbox, I can tell that many of you have the same issue.

Not saying it is a bad thing but could use some looking into.

Reveiw: Sandbox games are nice and I do enjoy them.

At least half of my internal monologue involved dwelling on all of my counter-productive anxieties and self-limiting beliefs, a seemingly never ending stream of voices reminding me why I sucked and how nothing would ever work out for me.At least half of the emails I get come from people who to improve but just can’t get past all of those nagging voices of failure and self sabotage.So it’s time to start looking into some mind control and learning how to shut out all of those nagging thoughts and voices.Put simply, an Implanted Command is a statement that contains a phrase that, if spoken by itself, would sound like a command. The truth is Mind Control techniques always seem to be controversial to the layman.For example, a command would be: ake no mistake: Fractionation is the fastest, easiest, most powerful way to get women emotionally addicted to you. then you might want to stop doing what’s NOT working, and start using Fractionation in your interactions with women. Even Miles the engineer argued with me the first time I explained it to him.

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