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I have watched all your drama series and still waiting for the coming dramas. I am a K drama fanatic but I am surprised with myself because I watched rooftop prince three times... Eversince I've watched Rooftop Prince I've become your big fan. you have a great voice and one of good korean actor i know.. you`re the best, and i pray you will visit the Philippines someday. *cross fingers* First time I saw you in SKKS I fell in love with you and still deeply in love and following you from a distance. We’ve started watching some of your youtube videos & really like them. And now, I’m impressed even more as I hear your music. Hi Yoo Chun, your performance as a singer and actor is great and beautiful. You display so much emotions and there is a cuter side of you. hope you could continue this opportunity as ill also continue to support you MICKY OMG!!

.miss you park yoo chun.please make a come back action drama soon.i watch again your "Three Days" drama.youre really cool to be a presidential agent and even a police in "Missing you" and a detective in "The girl who sees smells". You get a Joo Won feel from his work but I found him better at doing deadpan comedy . I want to thank you for inspiring me a lot in my daily existence. And also you`re such a good singer, honestly i love listening to JYJ song especially to your song , i love watching youre dancing move in youtube. Thanks for this new project, at last I have something exciting to read and learn about you. Will you please also include Philippines in your album tour if ever? I enjoy all your dramas especially your latest I MISS YOU. you are amazingly adorable there.act uprightly and manly..

Please know that so many people love you and will continue to root for you. If we don't offer our life in Him, we might as well ended up worst. There's another Japanese drama, Beautiful Love & not yet able to input any comments. Miss Ripley, so far I think it's not as good as SKK as the good character doesn't able to show much of his acting talents BUT slowly in Ep 12, he started to show that he is angry & eager to dig out the true identity of Miri. i was looking at pictures when something came up to mind... 'cause their facial expressions have similarities (psychology)... True fans will support you; you need only tell us what you need. I concluded that you are so talented, in music, acting, but not that talented on dancing ? I just recently found out that you were part of "DBSK" and "JYJ". i'm happy to be one of the people who really loves him..=) he's not only an Idol for me.. wow most korean male actor that is famous nowadays are first debuting from a jap film. I am so happy that you've seen this all the way through; having seen those first awful photos, you so angry and disgusted--it was obvious--I knew then that you wouldn't just 'take this.' Please look forward to new projects, please continue to write and sing.. Continue your humble ways and spectacular acting skills. : D I got to see your performance in "Rooftop Prince" and was very pleased with the show and how well you portrayed your character. he's such an amazing person, he used his talent to make people happy! story of his life and hard work, getting me proud and salute him... his first debut to acting is from a japanese movie. But it s because of you as a strong person named Pak Yoochun. Well, I wish him all the best nonetheless and hope things blow over soon. I don't believe in groundless accusations, like everyone else who's jumping on the media bandwagon. And his current drama is so addictive, his best drama so far. Anyone female cast, I believe that Yoochun could certainly create works best. Im wondering why they find Soo hyun a handsome, i dont see it in any angle of him.. Prior to watching rooftop prince I wondered why Micky Yoochun won so many awards for this drama. sarangae oppa , I love all your drama like I MISS U, ROOF TOP PRINCE, SCANDAL, I wish u all the best keep it up, your the best of all, watching you make me smile and cry for same time,and reliev me when am sad Yoochun! Although I'd love for you to overcome your perfection and be a solo artist, it warms my heart even more to watch you come alive onscreen. Then when i first time watched Rooftop Prince at the 1st episode i knew that i really love this movie. You became my secret crush, it s not just because of your amazing acting and singing as an artist. Either way, it wouldn't be such a nice ending for him. As somebody who has been a big Yoochun's fan for 10 years, I will believe in his innocence until there is concrete, undeniable proof of the assault. I dream about him every night @ chelsea...don't worry there's a lot of you here. hahaha i came to love him when i saw the Sungkyunkwan Scandal and up to now if i'm bored i just have to watch this drama over and over and it makes my day! I'm very glad and proud and happy seeing how far he have come. As his long time fans and seeing him now, I just wish him to be healthy and always being happy. Where the main opponent will be carried away when the scene takes place. And i find you more handsome compared to Kim Soo Hyun.. after i watched the miss ripley in the philippines i want to request that he may visit us here in cebu and he is truelly welcome. Rooftop prince, I miss you and etc I like it, you a profesional actor... I have stoped to watch korean drama since 5years ago, because none of them could make me interest.

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