Jen duos dating

However, one particularity of the human species is that pair bonds are often formed without necessarily having the intention of reproduction.

The concert's almost over, and then they'll be an after party." She gave me a sexy smile. After the concert we bused back to Malcolm's suite for the after-party. Jen broke out in a big smile as she saw him approach, but her smile disappeared when she saw the anger on his face. Wait until you hear us, then you can come in, okay? "Mike, Frankie can be rough sometimes," she warned. She cupped my erection and said "I'll take care of this later mister." Jen went back into the guest bedroom leaving the door slightly open. Eventually I quietly entered the room, sitting in a chair next to the bed. His hands circled her waist then cupped her tight ass cheeks. "Back in college I always tried to get a look at your tits," he said grinning at her, continue to massage her small breasts. " she said arching her back, her words coming out like a moan. He lowered his head and licked and sucked Jen's other nipple. She gave me an appreciative smile, then turned back to him. He lay on his side, kissing her and fondling her bare breasts. "Never thought I'd be doing this," he said, rubbing her hard nipple between his finger and thumb. He ran his fingers tips down her sexy flat stomach, and then ran his fingers across her waist just above her low rise jeans. He said, "Tell me more about Memphis." Jen, Allie and Scott gave Mike a thumbnail of Memphis – their many businesses, locations, partnerships, product lines, market pressures, competitors and customer profiles. Allie, can you set up another pitch with the Memphis execs? " Jen said giving him a "you're so predictable smile." "Yeah," Mike said smiling back. The tank swooped low in the front and back, exposing some of the lacy bra cups and all of the bra strap running across her back. It was fun seeing Jen in her social butterfly persona. "And yeah, I'd like him to." "You'll sleep with him? More people, louder and rowdier, an out of control party. It was hard navigating the crowd, there were so many people. She looked a mix of drunk and high, both glassy eyes and unsteady in her high heels. Her hair was disheveled, her cheeks flushed and her nipples hard. He bore a striking resemblance to Ben Afflect, although always a smug smile on his face. I remembered Jen telling me he'd hit on her last weekend. Finally Drums took Jen's hand and pulled her away, leaving Malcolm standing there with a scowl on his face. She stopped him and they had another heated exchange. Jen and Drums were already in the guest room when I got home. "Don't worry, we opened the bedroom window." She knew I hated smoke in the apartment, although I could still smell the pot. I knew she wanted to make up because she wanted his body. "Hi, I'm Jen," Jen said to me, briefly grasping my hand. She wore a tight stretchy light gray tank top that clung to her body. The tank was held up by two tiny spaghetti straps that did more to emphasize than hide the bra straps. She got her beer and walked back to Drums, giving me another subtle hip bump as she turned. "We better get back," she said again squeezing my hand reassuringly. I'll wait for you and Drums there." "Don't do that baby," she said taking my hand again. "I'll make it fun for you, promise." "Okay," I said grinning at her. "Wait," she said holding my arm, wearing a Cheshire cat smile. The pre-party had been boisterous and rambunctious, but it was tame compared to the after-party. He turned Diana's head to kiss him, even as Lucy continued to maul her big tits. I wanted to stay and watch, but I wanted to find Jen more. They had what looked to be a heated conversation, all 3 of them. A moment later I got a text from Jen: "Meet us at home." I immediately left and caught a cab home. "Don't worry, I'll be okay." "I won't do anything unless you call me," I assured her. I couldn't make out their words but from the tone I could tell she was trying to make up. When she was into a guy – and she was clearly into Drums – she wanted him all the time. He massaged her shapely ass as she crossed her arms and pulled off her tank top.

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