Is nick grimshaw dating aimee phillips

It’s perfect for a truly memorable wedding or a weekend of total and utter A-list escapism with a group of friends. Live out your celebrity mansion dreams, that’s what.Twenty-five bedrooms, a stately dining room, swimming pool, casino, basement disco, ballroom, tennis court, gym, sauna, fishing lake, croquet lawn, shooting range, billiards room, zorbing on the lawn… Popular with wedding parties and secret star-studded getaways alike, North Cadbury Court is known for accommodating the best escape from-it-alls ever.And Niall is happy with no strings attached dating until a new employee at the bar they frequent walks into his life and makes him question his entire existence.Prince Louis Tomlinson of Doncaster escapes imprisonment after being raped and kidnapped by the prince of another kingdom.Nick didn’t even remember knocking, but suddenly the door he also didn’t realise he was leaning on opened and he started falling inside Louis and Harry’s flat.“Fuck,” Nick blurted as he tried to right himself. Hearing Louis call him by his full name made him shiver. The ratings of the works are going to vary, that's why I choose to use no overall rating. New York fashion designer Louis Tomlinson suddenly finds himself engaged to the city's most eligible bachelor. His tongue darts out to wet his lips, eager for Louis to demand he put them to work.He was caught by Louis, which was great because he was exactly who he wanted to see and he didn’t really fancy dropping a massive jar of honey on his doorstep.“Nicholas? He usually hated it, but there was something magical about Louis Tomlinson that made the usual negative association suddenly become an incredibly positive one.“I brought you honey,” Nick blurted as he handed Louis the jar. But Louis’ past holds many secrets, including Harry Styles, the redneck husband he married in high school, who refuses to divorce him. “Suppose I did it on purpose.” And Louis’ eyebrow jumps again, just for a moment. ” His eyes flash, an underlying playfulness belying the anger painted across his, fuck, absolutely sharp as knives cheekbones. Nick comes home to find Louis inexplicably primed for a fight..perhaps something a bit more interesting. I mean, I knew for pretty damn sure before that, mind you, but that did solidify the matter for me.”“I need to suck a dick,” Louis said, turning to look at the wall of Nick’s room.

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On the search for a house in the real estate heaven, he ends up finding his home. Louis is ready to find the love of his life and when he meets Harry he thinks he's finally found them.

She has written for projects including BBC3’s Sweat the Small Stuff, the Elle Style Awards, and is an ongoing contributor for Refinery29.

She also serves as creative consultant on Annie Mac’s Lost and Found Festival in Malta annually.

Complications lie in the odd characters he meets there, especially that of the legendary General Styles. ”Or the one where Nick has been trying to find a way to get past the banter stage with Louis for ages, and honey might be just what he needs to finally do so.

It all starts because Liam Payne makes a stupid decision. Technically it starts when Louis turns 16 and becomes the Slayer, the chosen one to fight all evil forces in the world and to prevent the apocalypse, blah blah, major responsibility, saving the world, et cetera et cetera. This time Liam did something really, Louis and Harry are roommates at university, it’s only when something terrible happens Harry realizes how much Louis means to him and helps him rebuild his life piece after piece and maybe just maybe they’ll fall in love. I will post drabbles of my OTP's from multiple fandoms in this collection.

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