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Emphasis on the observations and hypotheses used to interpret earth system processes. Students will gain understanding of how Earth processes affect their lives and how they affect the Earth, and of the complex nature of the Earth and its processes. Examination and analysis of past climate records ranging from historical documentation to ecological and geochemical proxies (e.g.

They will gain a deep knowledge of the methods used to understand the time scales and rates of Earth processes also through an applied research experience on groundwater and surface water. tree ring analysis; O and C isotopes of skeletal carbonates and soils).

Composition of seawater and its significance for life. Field and laboratory problem sets illuminate lecture material.

Understanding of the historical development of sedimentary geology through the development of petrography, paleontology, deep earth sampling, geophysical technologies, and geochemistry.

Field trips to investigate water resource, water quality, and remediation projects.

In-field implementation of pumping tests, slug tests, monitoring well installation and drilling techniques, geochemical and water quality sampling, seepage meters, minipiezometers, stream gaging, and electronic instrumentation for data collection.

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