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By using the geo-location feature of your smartphone, the app updates this list in real time. Get ready — it’s called the “Hot List.” Okay, Hotor Not doesn’t win any awards for originality in naming its features.How big of a radius the app uses to serve you the list of “attractive” members in your area depends on where you are located.Like we said, those were ancient times — after hunting down wooly mammoths for dinner, people would huddle around Hotor Not and rate strangers for no other purpose than it was possible to do so.While we are being very tongue-in-cheek, the fact is that Hotor Not has been around since 2000 and its influence on the dating industry has been immense.The third and most significant change is actually a composite of changes.It affects the front-end aesthetic of the site/app and the back-end technology that powers it. The browser version was equally as brisk across all major browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.

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As an example, during our test, when we were in a major urban setting everybody in the top 20 was rated an 8 or higher.Some credit the concept of the popular swipe apps, such as Tinder, to have been inspired by Hotor Not.Even You Tube and Facebook were inspired originally by the popularity of Hotor Not.To be honest, you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it — there’s no middle ground.It is, however, what drives the entire Hotor Not universe.

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