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If you’re looking for a fun bunch of hikers to hit the trails with, please email a headshot and a brief bio to Kevin, our group leader, who is single, and also the only member of the group right now.

If you don’t like hiking but are single, Kevin is also on Tinder.

You may notice ve all vear capes, have somevhat pale skin for a group of outdoor enthusiasts, and have rather elongated eye teeth.

If you’re new here, Gary will ask a couple brief questions about your life, not to learn more about you, but to provide a jumping-off point to talk about himself.

If you’re not much of a planner, you’ll love our group—we never decide anything until the last minute lol!

We wouldn’t call what we do “dangerous,” but there are only three of us now, and there used to be seven of us.

Actually, nine, if you count those couple folks who only joined us once, and then, well, you know.

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