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Fahry is a very strong boy, self-breathing and has very strong voice despite his little body. Dr Aida gave us hint about premature birth, and she gave me Dexa jabs to make the baby's lung became mature.and the following week, the pain was still there, to be exact, it was contraction. but only after 1 hour reaching the hospital, Adik decided to came out. there's Fahry, our miracle baby...**BREASTFEEDING FAHRY ON THE FIRST DAY**Fahry is in the incubator so he can't be directly breastfed. kesian Adik kalau Hafiy taknak nanti siapa nak stimulatekan susu Mommy untuk Adik..." alhamdulillah finally Hafiy agreed... And it gives access to awesome features, like following webcams or making a nickname.Everyone can watch live video as a guest without an account.The public xxx show of omg_hehe has been on for 3 min in the chatroom on this site and only a choice few are as nubile and deliciously sexy as Hey! Their tip menu contains things like Hairy, Milf, Office, Gay, German, 18, French, Feet, Bigboobs, Teen, Mature, Bbw, Latina, Anal, Squirt, Ebony, Asian services.It has been quite sometimes since the last entry of my blog *shy*. I went to Kota Kinabalu with Mummy and Daddy on 23rd July that’s when I was diagnosed with having bladder stone and required operation at the soonest. , Jango Radio, Olamild Ent., evaton comprehensive college, Fanta Play Zone, Tutti quelli che nella loro vita hanno avuto almeno un Nokia, MTN Nigeria, Show the world that we still believe in God., Pro Evolution Soccer, PASTOR E. But don't feel pressured since registration isn't required for adult chat rooms.

Once you get going, you'll probably be hooked for hours. We gave the website a complete overhaul, and are ready to start working toward our new goal; to continue growing into the most based chat site in the world.and it was getting worse day by day, so on Wednesday 3rd December i was admitted again due to light bleeding. on Saturday morning only i managed to collect about 3 cc colostrum for him (it's only for 1 feeding). i begged so that they accepted but it was actually too little, only macam kesan-kesan di dinding home, i took rest and pray so that my milk will develop sooner, or else Fahry won't get any food :( (he'll only be supplemented with some kind of 'water'). and it caused Mommy mengerang2 sakit pengecutan rahim akibat tidak dibekali painkiller! for my boys, i rather bear any pain...please pray for our Lil' Fahry... thank you Allah.[Mommy's gonna stay with Fahry in the hospital, until the paed decides when i should come home..i tried to collect more but the i failed with Sis Laila's Avent pump, so i tried using my hands but still couldn't collect more than 1 cc. i asked Hafiy to suck, in order to stimulate my milk for Fahry. so that he could come home sooner and join the family! Here are all the one, two, three, and four letter combinations of letters.It's absolutely useless, but your friendly search engine indexed it!

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