Gridview rowupdating change value

Text = Session("Address") Else lbl Company Address. Text = "No Address Found." End If If Not Is DBNull(Session("Country")) Then lbl Company Country. I have one button in the grid view it ios called Edit and when the person clicks that item in the row it gives the user an option to either update or cancel the information entered in the row. Text = "No Company Found." End If lbl Work Order ID. Close() End Using End Sub Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Editing(sender As Object, e As Grid View Edit Event Args) Handles Grid View1.

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I've been staring at this for a whole day and can't figure anything out.

Text = Session("Country") Else lbl Company Country.

Text = "No Country Found." End If If Not Is DBNull(Session("Start Date")) Then lbl Date Created. To Int16(Session("ID")) Dim select Results As New Data Set() Dim ole_DBAdapter As New Ole Db Data Adapter(cmd) ole_DBAdapter.

Code (C# On Updating Event) protected void gv Main_Row Updating(object sender, Grid View Update Event Args e) Gridview HTML Code x WHERE (Rec ID = @Rec ID) " Select Command="SELECT Rec ID, Company ID, Region ID, Country ID, Company Code, Company Name, App ID, Country Code, Country Name, Region Company ID, Region, Model Name, Translate Model, Price, Last Updated On, Last Updated By FROM dbo.

AARP_DATA_D1_Bill Matri It still gets the old values, when I loop thru the Dictionary and in debug step thru it I see it still gets the original values not the new values that the user enters when they are changing each item.

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