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At that point, she started reading a laundry list of all of my faults and mistakes that drove her to have a lesbian affair, including that I am a “homebody”, work too hard, don’t throw enough parties at the house, and am too narrowly focused on our nuclear family.Let’s just say that the last three months have sort of sucked.Our marriage seemed great — great sex life, friends, supportive families and extended families, pets, and incredible friendship between my wife and me. But then, they were up late drinking, hanging out on days off from work, took a weekend trip together to a national park. )During spring break of this year, I had finally had it and searched my wife’s mobile phone, only to discover that my wife and her friend had been using Whats App (clever! I confronted my wife about this, and she claimed (at first) that they were just very close friends.But then I asked about the details in some of the Whats App texts that I read, and she had to retreat.

Dear Beard Boy, Boy, imagine the answers to What I Did On My Summer Vacation. Or will you continue to yoke her to homebody oppression?My wife and I are at a point where we are going to spend some time living apart over the summer.My wife also admitted to me that she has fantasized about women for the last “15 to 20 years”, and has suppressed her thoughts given that she grew up in conservative Texas, had a father who threatened to disown her or her brothers if any of them were gay, and we actually did have a pretty great marriage. You can be gay and still be an asshole.) I see your dilemma (apart from heartbreak).You’ll find a great multitude of enthusiastic and knowledgeable members; all who would love to answer questions, look at your pet pictures, and welcome you into these Usenet newsgroups.Microsoft has replaced Live Search with a new brand: Bing.

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