Good conversation starters on dating sites

Learn about your dating sites date’s life experiences and passions with this simple question that offers the chance for a bountiful response.

Exchange stories about your travels, favourite spots across the globe or simply the sights you’d love to see one day.

Ask to play a game like two truths and a lie, or “Have you ever?

”If you’re talking to someone who is 35 , pop culture is a good choice.

Ask them to choose between two movies or pop stars and see what happens.

Funny online dating conversation starters get lots of responses since most people enjoy having a laugh.

If food is the way to your heart, you may be keen to learn about your date’s culinary skills and preferences.

If music be the food of love…you may be itching to take a sneak peek at your date’s i Pod playlists!

Matches respond differently to openers depending on their age.

People between the ages of 18-23 like questions that are unique or surprising, such as: “Pain reliever personality: Tylenol, Advil, or complaining?

According to a study by Hinge, these openers only have an average response rate, and they don’t show much imagination.

Instead, use these types of online dating conversation starters: If you know the age of the person you’re messaging, that information can be helpful when you’re planning your first message.

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