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Dear News24I refer to your article "Serial killer of gay men real - police" Africa/News/Serial-killer-of-gay-men-real-police-20121108 of 8 Nov. The LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and intersex) community has been begging for help for a few years now. Gay South Africa; Pink Loerie Organising Commitee member.To us, it was as clear as daylight that a serial killer was on the loose. In every sphere of society and in every race, age group or class LGBTI are represented. Enjoy gym and outdoors About Guys I Want To Meet: Healthy guys. Guys who feel naughty and horny $.post(" About Me: I'm a single South African gentleman. I seem to be attracted to guys a bit older than me.For a potential partner (whenever that may be) I like masculine guys, well built and don't mind somewhat of a hairy body (eg pecs).

With a well-developed sense of purpose, I am particularly tuned in to the... I prefer older men I love foreign travel fine foods of many varieties,fine Clothing,music,art and best of all great sex and a great laugh. About Me: Been lucky enough to travel the world for the last 8 years working on cruise ships.The following letter I wrote at the beginning of the year (See the name of the then Police Commissioner in the heading) already. "OPEN LETTER TO POLICE COMMISSIONER MKHWANAZI, MINISTER NATHI MTHETHWA AND MINISTER JEFF RADEBE: From Coenie Kukkuk There are now seven. We are lawyers, teachers, engineers, doctors, truck drivers, mine labourers - you name it. And the Constitution of this country guarantees our rights - whatever certain people's feelings towards us are. Remember these names – because they will be coming back to haunt us. Manolis Veloudos Jim Cathels Oscar O’Hara Siphiwe Selby Nhlapo A 47-year old unnamed landlord Barney van Heerden (a friend of the writer) Jason Wessenaar And now, a possible eigth - Thebe Mogamisi who has been reported as missing as from 31 December 2011. How do you know if a proper task team has not been appointed? When a case with so many similarities to another six unsolved murders is buried amongst thousands of other “missing persons” reports in Bloemfontein? I will try to calm down and ask the commissioner and the ministers again: act. If it wasn't for the questions of the DA in parliament, this would not even have hit the mainstream press because too many straight folk still view LGBTIs as second-rate citizens. We are being assaulted and murdered - not only by this serial killer, but black lesbians in the townships and elsewhere, effeminate - and even butch - gay men; and transsexuals and intersex people. We cannot guarantee you will find your dream date but we can make finding possible matches much easier and once you have found someone we give you the tools to take things to the next level.Meeting people online can be a nerve-racking experience for many especially if you have never tried online dating before.

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