Gay blue collar dating

I got wind of a very interesting article by way of a commenter on one of the blogs that I write for; the piece was entitled “The Worst Cities for College-Educated Women Trying to Find a Decent Date.” An informative read, the author, Mr.

Jordan Weissmann, shows the data that in more than 100 major urban/metro areas of the United States, women with college degrees outnumber men on an average of upwards of 30% nationwide.

The vast majority of Educated Sistas, at best, work in middle management positions – they are hardly the HNICs of their organizations, more often than not – so why the own the company he works for or something? Yes, you read that right – I did indeed use the words “bigotry” and “profiling” – because that’s exactly what so many college-educated, professional (in this case Black, but by no means are they alone) women, do, to Blue Collar Guys like myself.And for other Sistas, those who are coming out of failed marriages, often with kids (and a goodly bit of weight) in tow, we’re the guys “they should have met” lo those many years ago.Again, please don’t get me wrong here – many people find each other and indeed, love, after a bad marriage ends.The article is perhaps even more profound for what it doesn’t say, than what it does – that a “decent date” is something only college-educated and degreed men can offer to women, and/or that only “decent dates” from such men are what counts.And, as the ensuing comments following the article were keen to point out, invariably these kinds of discussions turn to the “dating/mating/marrying down” variety – i.e., college-educated/white collar professional, and highly accomplished women, having to “slum it” with their “lesser” male counterparts.

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