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He was there last year too but it seems harder to bear whilst in Germany. He hasn't a clue what they are saying but he enjoys it.

I take my youngest two to the music class on camp but that's it, I'd like to find something local to take them to.

In general, cosmetic surgery cost would vary from patient to patient.

It depends on their conditions, demands, and type of treatment technique chosen along with the surgical expertise of the surgeon.

For example, even though FUE is an advanced hair transplant method, it is a time consuming process in comparison to FUT.

This makes the hair transplant surgery cost more than the latter.

I do drive and am getting confident around here but anything out of Gutersloh or Harsewinkel and I'm lost, lol.

Trusted friend TOMTOM is also used very frequently.

Also find it hard to makefriends as we are REME and find some regiment wives dont want to talk to if you arent in the regiment.

I am also looking forward to seeing a bit more of Europe in the summer, we are planning a trip to the Black Forest at the moment. I did love the Christmas markets though , so much gluhwein mit schuss and currywurst was consumed, lol. I drive too which really helps, so many are stuck out here cos they don't drive and that can be hard......although I have to take TOMTOM everyewhere (still)!!! Have you found anything to do with your girls around here?

I was in Bielefeld Monday and Wednesday this week, my son was at the Gilead. Hope the 5 weeks of your husbands course goes fast, mine is off to Afghan this year which I am not looking forward to. We stayed here for Christmas this year too and I loved it! My eldest lad goes to a dance school up here but it's for over four's.

After FUE, the patient may require around one week to heal.

There are pros and cons to each of these methods which is appropriately explained to the patient along with other details in the initial consultations.

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