Fluoridating remineralizing of enamel Free 2 way cam chat

Undesirable exposure of dentin tubules may result from mechanical abrasion, caries, chemical treatment (e.g., whitening agents), and other factors. 6,521,215 describes compositions comprising a whitening agent comprising 10% peroxide [e.g., urea peroxide (carbamide) or hydrogen peroxide] and a calcium phosphate remineralizing agent. In a fourth embodiment, the present invention is a tooth whitening and remineralizing kit comprising a p H-control composition and a stabilized peroxide composition. The stabilized peroxide composition comprises a soluble peroxide and a calcium orthophosphate solution, wherein the stabilized peroxide composition has an acidic p H.

However, if either the enamel-sealed crown ends or the cementum-sealed root ends of the dentin tubules become exposed, fluid easily travels through the tubules, causing hypersensitivity and/or pain. The compositions have a p H5.2 to avoid solubilizing calcium in the tooth enamel or otherwise demineralizing the tooth. Either or both of these compositions comprises a soluble calcium salt. As an alternative means of separating a soluble calcium salt, a soluble orthophosphate salt, and a soluble peroxide prior to use, these components may be provided in a tooth whitening and remineralizing composition comprising solid particles, such as a powder composition. In particular, without being bound by theory, it has now been determined that (i) peroxide in solution may be stabilized in the presence of orthophosphate ion and/or in a composition at acidic p H, (ii) conversely, in order for peroxide to become activated for tooth whitening upon use, it may be destabilized by removing the soluble orthophosphate ion and/or increasing p H, and (iii) calcium orthophosphate solutions at high concentrations suitable for tooth remineralization may be stabilized at acidic p H and precipitated onto the tooth surface by increasing p H.On the crown end of the tooth, the dentin tubule ends are normally sealed by the enamel. 6,102,050 and 5,967,155 describe dental flosses that administer various compounds to interproximal and subgingival dental areas for purposes such as whitening, demineralization, and desensitization. The stabilized peroxide composition comprises a soluble peroxide and has an acidic p H.These dentin tubules pass all the way through the dentin from the enamel-sealed crown end to the pulp chamber. 6,221,341 describes compositions for whitening teeth and/or having antimicrobial activity. In addition to titanium dioxide as a whitening agent, other ingredients that may be incorporated into the floss include desensitizing agents, fluorides, peroxide compounds, and calcium abrading agents. The orthophosphate-containing composition comprises a soluble orthophosphate salt, wherein the three compositions, when combined in an aqueous environment, yield a mixture having a p H from about 5 to about 9.

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