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I am shy talk to people; I brush my teeth three to four times and floss, I have bought every possible mouthwash in the stores. Indonesian (Search me: oomyleneoo 23 Philippines) 117. Singapore Darlings.com(Search me: mhai2808 23 Philippines) 118. Mexican Dating Mall.com(Search me: mhai2808 23 Philippines) 119. Hong Kong (Search me: oomyleneoo 23 Philippines) 120. Malaysia Darlings.com(Search me: mhai2808 23 Philippines) 121. Colombia Search me: oomyleneoo 23 Philippines) 122. Latin Dating Mall.com(Search me: mhai2808 23 Philippines) 123. Asian Dating Mall.com(Search me:mylene1988 23 Philippines) 124. Muslim Darlings.com(Search me:mylene1988 23 Philippines) 125. I knew that I still had Halitosis because sometimes my friends would rub their noses when I talked to them, and say someone needs to brush their teeth lol! Filipino Dating (Search me: oomyleneoo 23 Philippines) 115. Jewish Darlings.com(Search me:mylene1988 23 Philippines) 116. Some even had it on paper and pasted somewherewell, somewhere not easily seen I bet. Im actually making my tiny steps into realizing one of my resolutions - which is to work harder for this blog! Many of my friends telling that I am stink and ugly, this is the most painful happened in my life, and I'll never forget in my life until I'm getting old, smelly and ugly someone else said to me! Manila Darlings.com(Search me: mhai2808 23 Philippines) 135. Honestly, I think making resolutions is one BIG step and a very good thing, but the real challenge lies in realizing them, right?! I overhear people saying someone need to brush your teeth and other rude comments. Odessa Darlings.com(Search me:mylene1988 23 Philippines) 134. I am so busy to study that I barely got time to go out with my friends. I found out that some certain someone said that a lot of people hate me. But if someone else do so, and for one that isnt true, no can do. I messaged her about it to let her know how I feel but Im not really expecting a decent reply. 0 Comments Christmas & New Year Christmas is a good time for my family, especially children about values like love, compassion, giving and sharing. Tears of joy, a Diploma in my hand, the feeling of pride, the sense of satisfaction.

My cousin would come up to me and just tell me you stink! I brush, floss, try mouthwash, tongue scraping, nothing helps. The overall damage has already been done to my self esteem. I don't even feel comfortable speaking without covering my mouth. Instead of embarrassing myself, I want to cry always. Before I started covering my mouth, I noticed that people would move away and cover there's. My tears burst and I cried at the top of my voice but shes too dumb to hear me. Those pains lure me to do something against LM but, I simply cant. I even heard someone told her that instead of dumping her waste anywhere she must place it in me. I was stunned when I realized that the one who persuade her to do it is her teacher.

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