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This article shows you how to update database connection information for various types of Content Management Systems (CMS) on your Grid server.

You may need to do this for a variety of reasons that include: These instructions explain how to update your database credentials for Word Press, Drupal, and Joomla.

This command validates the database and makes updates to it when any orphan pages are found.

An orphan page is one which was allocated for use by a transaction that subsequently failed, for example, when the application aborted.

Navigate to your Word Press site's file and click the edit button on the right side of the menu. Be sure to copy the contents of this file to a notepad or similar utility before editing. Verify that the permissions are set properly and click save.

Use the database manager utility in the account center to create or modify users, permissions, and passwords. Log into the Account Center and navigate to the Grid file manager.This option updates the database and fixes any corrupted structures.As explained above, a validation of a database will actually validate and update the database structures to, hopefully, return the database to a working state.If you prefer, you may also access this information via an SSH connection and edit using a text editor. Keep in mind that there are many different database configurations for Drupal, and that some of these instructions may not apply to your setup. Verify that the permissions are set properly and click save.Your database credentials should now be updated to the proper settings.

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